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Chris, 4 Week Transformation

I never felt comfortable working out in the gym, so after speaking with Greg he suggested training outdoors in Jesmond Dene. This was exactly the motivation that I needed and lost over a stone in the first month.

Along with the physical drive and determination Greg brought to each session, he also planned a strict diet that drastically improved my health and fitness levels, allowing me to reach my potential.

I have now moved all of my sessions into the gym where I am still seeing a drastic change on a week by week basis.

I would recommend Greg as a personal trainer to anyone. He has a friendly persona that makes you feel comfortable while pushing you to your limits (and sometimes further). Training with Greg has seriously changed my life for the better.

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Harry, 2nd Place, UKBFF Mens Physique, Body Power, Birmingham, 2014

After training in the gym for years and being convinced by others I finally decided I should put all my hard work to the test. So I signed up for a bodybuilding contest with a 10 week deadline to be contest ready. With this in mind I sought out a personal trainer to help me diet down and train hard to get me ready.

I heard of Greg from a friend who had shed a lot of weight with him so I gave him a call and have never looked back. Greg got me on a strict diet and training program which got me in the best shape ever. I entered the UKBFF Men’s Physique at Body Power in Birmingham and came 2nd. I was over the moon and will definitely use Greg again for my next show.

He not only helped me lose fat but he built up my weak points and we had a great time doing it. He really is a easy to talk to trainer and very knowledgeable about all aspects of diet and training.

harry before and after


Hi am Ann smith I am 58 years old. I have never been to a gym before, I had put a lot of weight on plus I have a lot of health problems some I will not go into but the main one for me is l have osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis in both hands and knees so I needed to lose weight and a friend of mine told me about Greg. So l thought I would give it a go. I will always remember when I first went to meet Greg and he started to explain me what I would do and I thought l will never be able to do this . But talking to Greg about my health problems he told me straight away we will work together on this and first of all it was about my diet. Greg and I have done an eating plan he worked out all the calories I would need to eat every day and the exercise started he modified everything for my needs. I lost 2 stone in weight and my body just seemed to change shape in weeks. l have achieved the impossible with Greg he is not just a personal trainer but a great friend to me he has changed my whole way of life I owe everything to him please if anybody wants a personal trainer I would recommend Greg



Greg is a very professional trainer, he uses praise very effectively whilst subtly pushing you to achieve your best . Greg has enabled me to achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of and he continues to challenge me in a supportive, constructive way. Thanks to my sessions with Greg I am stronger, fitter, more confident and much happier! I have rediscovered my love of exercise after becoming very bored of the gym and having given up. Training with Greg has changed parts of my body I’d seen no difference in despite much effort on my own.

Greg is really approachable and he is happy to modify his programme to suit changing needs (or moods!). I had intended to only do a short term programme but have got so much out of training with Greg that I will keep it up all the time now.


I used to absolutely hate gyms, training and anything that didn’t involve sitting in front of a computer or TV. But Greg’s help has not only changed how I look at the gym but actually helped me get rid of back pain and other desk jocky ailments.

I now have a new healthy eating plan (that I actually like!), regularly enjoy going to the gym and just generally feel like a much healthier person.

I honestly can’t recommend Greg Williamson Fitness enough.


After years of fluctuating around the same weight but always dreaming of the perfect beach body while going through the motions at the gym, I decided to be trained by Greg. I wanted more from a personal trainer than just to be trained as I wanted a diet/nutritional plan that worked for the type of training that I wanted to do.

I heard Greg was more than just your average personal trainer and that not only would he help me with my weight loss goals, but he wanted to improve my performance and most importantly my health.

While on the diet plan that Greg had personalized for myself he taught me nutritional advice that saw me eating more than what I did before I met with Greg but loosing more fat than what I could achieveĀ on my own.

Greg is a friendly personal trainer who is easy to approach and not only that but is a good laugh and feels more like a training partner than a personal trainer!

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