About Greg Williamson Fitness

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What is Greg Williamson Fitness

I’m a Newcastle based personal trainer and fully quailified strength and conditioning coach. I operate out of my own gym which I opened and have ran since 2016 called Pinnacle Health & Fitness. My aim is to help you reach your goals whether it is being fit for the next charity marathon, to lose weight, tone up, become stronger or maybe just to be the healthiest person you can be.

What makes Greg Williamson Fitness different?

What sets me apart from other fitness professionals is my complete devotion to helping you achieve your goals, I want to show you just what your capable of. Most people never reach their full physical potential but I strive to show you what you can achieve.

Now that means a custom training program and nutrition plan for you to follow where you will change and adapt until you not only reach your goal but surpass that goal and realize just what you are capable of achieving.

Greg Williamson Profile
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What Greg Williamson Fitness can offer you?

From marathon and sprint training to body-building and Power-lifting or just a full body transformation. I offer support and advice to help you achieve your goals. For those who would like to improve your general fitness, lose weight or tone up, but worry that you don’t have the motivation or determination I can provide a plan of action, nutritional advice and of course the personal training and coaching to help you find the motivation you never knew you had.

I use tailor-made training programs for my personal training clients and target based plans for every one of my classes and training sessions.

I am professional, motivational and want nothing more than to help you achieve results.

My Training and Professional History

As a former Royal Marine I know the importance of hard work and determination. After completing training at Commando Training Center Royal Marines I went on to serve with the Marines for 4 years. There I was instilled with the quality’s that pushed me to be the most knowledgeable and hard working PT and bring you the best. After developing a huge interest and love for fitness I then left the Marines with a new goal, to help others.

I am is a fully qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, kettlebell instructor and an outdoor fitness instructor. I am never satisfied with my level of knowledge in fitness and nutrition and I always strive to learn more, more importantly I try to pass this knowledge onto all of my clients.

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